at the BrightSide Theatre Rehearsal Space
Taught by Artistic Director, JEFFREY CASS


Theatre Tots

Age 4-Kindergarten
Saturdays 9am-10pm
Tuition $75

As your little one gets curious with their creativity, using their naturally large imaginations and flairs for the dramatic… let’s shape it and have some fun! Your little one will connect to peers with kinesthetic play and learning, trying on new characters and fantastic settings, and a beginning literacy exploration as each week is connected to a book. *This is a drop off class with a performance for their caretakers to experience at the end the last session.

Disney Classics

Grades 1-5 
Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am
Tuition $100 

Students will explore their creativity through movement, singing and acting with some of the classic Disney hits like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast.  Using warm-ups, group activities, theatre games and performance will prepare them for a group showcase.

Broadway Bound

Grade 6-9 
Saturdays 12:30pm-2pm 
Tuition $125

Using some of today’s hottest Broadway Shows (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, School of Rock, Aladdin, Frozen, Wicked, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) students jump into the world of musical theatre by exploring movement, vocal technique and how to build a character.  They start their journey through warm-ups, group activities, theatre games, scene work, acting through song and movement ending with a showcase performance

Audition Workshop

Grades 9-11 
Saturdays 2:30pm-4pm
Tuition $125 

This class focuses on strengthening audition and callback skills in the educational setting including musicals and straight plays.  Students discuss and learn material selection strategies that will better prepare them for auditions, then participate in full mock audition processes, complete with callback experiences and in-depth feedback.  They will also gain practical knowledge, like how to compile and format a resume, what makes a good headshot and more.


Play in a Day

Kindergarten- Grade 8
Drop off at 8:30am | Presentation at 5:15 pm
Tuition $75 (includes lunch)

Columbus Day 10/14/19 | MLK Day 1/20/20 | Presidents Day 2/17/20

For those days when there’s no school but parents still have to work! This is an exciting fast-paced class. Students will improve their communication skills through the use of role-play, script writing, improvisation and performance.  In one day students will write a script, rehearse it, add props and then at the end of the day perform their creation for their parents. Roll up your sleeves and be ready to create a play in a day!


College Audition Prep

Grades 11-12
Saturdays 10am-11:30am
Tuition $125

Through this class, students solidify audition material that highlights their individuality and performance strengths, while meeting the preferences and requirements for their top-choice schools.  Students will learn various practice methods and participate in mock auditions, where they will present the audition song and/or monologue and receive individual, professional feedback.

Professional Audition Clinic

Post College
Saturdays 12pm-1:30pm 
Tuition $125

Focus on strengthening your audition and callback skills in the professional setting including musicals and straight plays we will workshop your audition material and by participating in full mock audition processes, complete with callback experiences we will strengthen your skills to best prepare you to land that next role.