BrightSide Theatre Classes

At our NEW REHEARSAL SPACE at 4953 Fairview Avenue in Downers Grove.

A Play in a Day

Kindergarten – 8th Grade
President’s Day 2/19 | 8:30am – 6pm
$50 each Holiday (Lunch Included)
Taught by: Meg McGarry & Sarah Giordano

For those days when there’s no school but parents still have to work! This is an exciting fast-paced class. Students will improve their communication skills through the use of role-play, script writing, improvisation and performance.  In one day students will write a script, rehearse it, add costumes and props and then at the end of the day perform their creation for their parents. Roll up your sleeves and be ready to create a play in a day!

Class Registration Form (PDF)

“BrightSide Theatre gave our daughter the opportunity to explore her dual interests in music and theatre. Under the care and guidance of Julie, Jeff and Justin her talents were nurtured and a launching pad provided. As a result, she landed the lead ingénue role at her high school’s upcoming spring musical. Thanks BrightSide!”Shanti Schramm

“I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you! Lauren recently auditioned for her school play. As she prepared for the audition, she remembered all the great tips and tools she learned over the summer audition camp. She specifically remembered to introduce herself and to make sure she was remembered. Well, she put those suggestions to good use. She had the whole room laughing. It was the first time that she came out of an audition confident. She credits the camp to giving her the tools to do well. So, thank you.”Shannon Gilfillan